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I have an incurable fascination with tipping points, especially those of the historical variety. There's something alluring about a person or group who arrives at just the right moment in time, at exactly the right place, and manages to change the world we all know. Do we make our own fate, or is it laid out in front of us simply to follow?

Land of Wolves


Land of Wolves

The Return of Lincoln's Bodyguard

"...all should applaud Turner’s sympathetic focus on the plight of native peoples."
   —Publishers Weekly

Land of Wolves finds Joseph Foster with Molly as they settle into a new-found life in the hills of Tennessee. But Abraham Lincoln s former bodyguard, the man who saved the President s life, cannot escape the Consortium as they come roaring back, killing his mother, abducting his daughter all to coerce his Congressional testimony on their behalf.

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